EU begins “nuclear option” proceedings against Poland for resisting the hijrah, sanctions could follow

By External Source - December 22, 2017 at 11:26PM

In an alarming move, the EU “has triggered Article 7 against Poland” — known as the “nuclear option” — accusing it of violating “democratic values with proposed judiciary reform.” The next step could mean some type of sanctions.

The Vice Chairman of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, mysteriously tweeted:

It is with a heavy heart that we have activated Article 7(1). But the facts leave us with no choice. We have no other option. This is not just about Poland, it is about the EU as a whole. We continue to hope that we can enter into a more fruitful dialogue.

This is a serious move on the part of the EU and is a troubling interference with the sovereignty of Poland. While information is sketchy, the speculation is that the action of the EU is a punishment to Poland for not accepting its quotas of migrants from Islamic states.

The EU has also applied pressure on Theresa May to attack Poland on her upcoming trip there, so that she can “prove Britain’s loyalty to EU values.”

The EU has long vowed sanctions, not just against Poland, but also against other members of the Visegrad group (Hungary and the Czech Republic) for refusing to go along and allow in an inundation of Muslim migrants. So far, Poland and Hungary have suffered no jihadi attacks, as a result of their closed-door policy regarding Muslim migration.

“EU triggers unprecedented proceedings against Poland, sanctions could follow”, RT News, December 20, 2017:

The European Union’s executive body triggered Article 7 of the EU treaty, branded the “nuclear option,” against Poland on Wednesday. It has been triggered for the first time since the foundation of the bloc.

The unprecedented measure was taken amid two-year tensions between the EU and Poland over the latter’s judicial reforms. The bloc is concerned over “a serious breach of the rule of law” in the country, saying the reforms resulted in “the absence of judicial independence.”

“It is up to Poland to identify its own model for its justice system, but it should do so in a way that respects the rule of law,” it said in a statement.

Brussels gave Warsaw three months to address EU concerns, promising to reconsider the decision if Polish authorities “implement the recommended actions.”

The first vice-president of the European Commission said that Warsaw had left it “no choice,” adding that the bloc still hopes to engage in “a more fruitful dialogue.”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the country is “as devoted to the rule of law as the rest of the EU,” and called on the EU partners for open and honest dialogue.

“I believe that Poland’s sovereignty and the idea of United Europe can be reconciled,” Morawiecki tweeted.

Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro told Polish state news agency PAP that he is puzzled over the “politically motivated” decision, stressing Warsaw strictly adheres to EU laws….

Poland and the EU have also clashed over migration, as Warsaw has refused to accept migrants as part of a quota system devised during the European refugee crisis. Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said in November that the decision has resulted in her country being seen as “a country free of terrorism.”

Member states need unity to implement the sanctions, which have already been opposed by Hungary, who promised to veto any such move. Budapest has its own dispute with Brussels over migrant issues, with its PM Viktor Orban being one of the most vocal critics of mandatory migrant quotas. He has warned that quotas would result in “tens of millions” of migrants flocking to Europe.

On Wednesday, following the Article 7 announecment [sic], the spokeswoman for the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party said that the EU’s actions could be related to Warsaw’s opposition to accepting Muslim refugees, according to Reuters.


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